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Colourful Countryside

Autumn hasn't quite arrived yet but there is still plenty of colour in the fields with pheasants being particularly noticable at the moment. We get a lot of birds moving to the farm from local shooting estates such as Althorp and the chap pictured above is looking particularly fine! He also has a rather unusual mate that we haven't managed to photograph yet; a completely white hen pheasant. She is very shy but we will post a picture of her when we manage to capture her on camera.

It appears to have been a pretty good year for our farm wildlife as we also have two families of Grey Partridge on the farm, each numbering at least 10 birds. We've always had a few pairs on the farm but this summer seems to have sparked a significant increase in numbers which we are really pleased to see. Grey Partidge numbers have fallen by up to 85% in some areas of the UK so to see them staging a recovery here is really exciting!

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