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Calving time on the farm

Calf coat

We have had a very hectic start to calving on the farm this year with nearly 50 cows giving birth in the first 20 days. Cows are pregnant for around 9 months and when we think they have all been in calf for between 6 and 18 weeks we go through a similar process to pregnancy scans carried out in a hospital. An ultrasound machine is used to check if the cow is pregnant, give an idea of when she is due and also find out if she is carrying twins or not. The due dates given are usually accurate to within a week or two and really help us prepare the cows for giving birth in the spring.

We were really surprised this year then when one of the first calves to be born was really small and 5 weeks premature. He was very cold and quite poorly when we found him so we gave him a warm drink of milk, called him Barry and put a calf coat on him too. Barry turned in to a bit of a pet calf over the next few weeks and is a very cheeky little chap, often chasing us out of the pen when we went to feed his mum. He is doing really well now and is finally outside with his mum in the fields but still has a lot of catching up to do as he is very small!

Our cows start calving at the beginning of March, finishing towards the end of April. It’s a great time to stay in the holiday cottages and we would be happy to show you and your children the newborns in the shed, you may even get to see one being born too (we can’t promise that though I’m afraid!). The farm drive passes through the grazing fields so every time you leave or come home to the holiday cottages you will see calves playing.

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