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Have you seen our deer?!

We were very excited to hear from guests staying in Larkrise last week that they had spotted a deer in the garden of the log cabin. It's not unusual to see muntjac deer on the farm but our visitors were sure this was something a bit different as it had proper antlers. We were very excited by this, imagining that a full grown stag had been spotted ambling about but when we calmed down we thought it best to ask if they had managed to take any pictures; luckily they had!

So here is a first for Perkins Lodge Farm, or at least a first to be seen wandering about in the garden of the cottages anyway - a Roe Deer.

Since he was spotted we've noticed small amounts of grazing along the side of some of the arable field access tracks so we've now moved our wildlife cameras to see if he is on his own or has friends. We're also hoping he might return to the cabin garden as we'd love to see him ourselves!

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